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PFI Nouvelles Vagues has a laboratory specialized in the seafood quality control and analyses.

Our technical and human resources

  • A microbiology laboratory
  • A chemistry laboratory
  • A sensory analysis laboratory ( in development)
  • A team made up of a Doctor in Microbiology,a quality Manager, a Customer Relationship Manager and experienced technicians

Our services

Microbiological analyses

  • Compliance with regulations and customers requirements
  • Validation of lifecycle, ageing tests
  • Performance of challenge-tests
  • Analyses of canned products: stability control

Physico-Chemical analyses

  • Freshness analyses: TVBN, TMA
  • Nutritional analyses
  • Additive levels: sulphites, polyphosphates, citrates, benzoates
  • Other analyses: species identification, H/P report
  • Histamine levels
  • Search for contaminants
  • Detection of parasites

Metrological checks

  • Ice levels
  • Net weight, drained net weight
  • Levels of crumbs in canned products

Organoleptic examinations and grading

Industry hygiene

  • Visual and bacteriological monitoring of surfaces and bacteriological equipment for surfaces, and visual monitoring of the cleanliness of production sites
  • Quality and hygiene audit
  • Training


The laboratory has a COFRAC accreditation for analysis:

  • Accreditation N°1-2363
  • Area available on

Inter-comparison networks

The laboratory takes part in inter-comparison networks, in order to confirm the reliability of analyses results, these include: RAEMA (Food Microbiology Network for Analysis and Exchange), IFIP (Institute of Porcine Studies),IFREMER (French Research Intitute for Exploitation of the Sea) and FAPAS (Food Analysis Performance Assessment Scheme)

PFI NOUVELLES VAGUES also organizes 2 inter-comparison networks on sulphites and TVBN levels

Our commitments

  • Confidentiality
  • Responsiveness
  • Reliability
  • Personalized advice and follow up