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Technical support for industries

PFI Nouvelles Vagues has a team of specialists with significant experience in the processing of seafood and aquaculture products and acts as a technical platform to support companies of the seafood industry.

PFI Nouvelles Vagues engineers can support you in your future developments.

Our current technical and human resources…

  • A 400m² technology centre
  • A team made up of specialized engineers and technicians

…And future

  • An EC certified 1.000m² technology centre with a variety of high performance equipment
  • A micro-algae culture and experiment soon
  • A specialized laboratory connected to the general microbiology laboratory
  • A zooplankton culture and experiment soon
  • A modular experiment room for larval and post-larval farming equipped with freshwater and seawater systems
  • A clean room for testing healthcare products and vaccines
  • Two large outdoor recirculated systems tanks

Our services & achievements

  • Finalization and products developments
  • Procedures of optimisation
  • Manufacture of preproduction runs for market testing
  • Processing of aquatic by-products
  • Technical support for the business creation (food and aquacultural industries)
  • Technical and economic studies
  • Literature reviews
  • Themed projects: nutrition, food safety, environment, energy, variety of species in aquaculture