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PFI NOUVELLES VAGUES, an innovation platform tailored to the needs of the seafood industry

Innovation platform NOUVELLES VAGUES is based in Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France’s number one fishing port and the leading European whole-sale and fish-processing centre. It seeks to provide the pooled research and innovation resources fort the fishing industry.

Innovation platform NOUVELLES VAGUES aims include the following:

  • Enhancing the quality of water products and by-products
  • Fostering the development of sustainable aquaculture

NOUVELLES VAGUES is a unique organisation in Europe, made up of two departments:

NOUVELLES VAGUES meets the needs of fishing and aquaculture industries by supporting them to:

  • Develop their own innovative products
  • Optimise their processing methods
  • Test and ensure the quality of their products [Know more about this service]
  • Ensure the long-tasting nature of their supplies and foster the development of aquaculture knowledge [Know more about this service]
  • Maximise the value of their by-products
  • Implant new technologies
  • Train up their teams [Know more about this service]
  • NOUVELLES VAGUES also plays a key role in the field of applied and research expertise

PFI NOUVELLES VAGUES puts itself forward as your principal partner in your R&D projects